Sycurio Voice can reduce your phone payment AHT by 7-30 seconds per call

See how much you can save with our AHT calculator

AHT Calculator
Reduce average handling time

When taking card payment over the phone mistakes often happen...






Small errors lead to...

card number error

Card number error

rejected payment

Rejected payment

failed psp

Failed transaction charges from PSP

Use our AHT Savings calculator and explore how much time and money you could save.

Calculate your own AHT productivity gains

Big consequences.


Abandoned calls


Poor customer experience


Wasted time and effort

bill trend up

Lower efficiency & increased cost

With Sycurio...


Customers enter the card details into their phone keypad and can talk to the agent at the same time.


Simple process for the agent

data entry

Highly secure data entry

no numbers

No need to read back numbers

average handling time (aht) checks

Automatically checks card

Sycurio is simply a better

payment experience

reduce average handling time (aht) erros

Significantly reduced errors

fewer average handling time (aht) fails

Fewer failed transactions

faster average handling time (aht)

Faster & easier payments



Reduce AHT.

reduce average handling time (aht)

Improve productivity

& save money

improve average handling time (aht)

"Utilizing Sycurio.Voice has reduced our call handling times by an average of 12 seconds 
per call – all of which means we can manage 
a greater volume of patient enquiries and deliver 
a much smoother and more efficient experience for patients when they call in.”

Contact Center Team Leader
OSD Healthcare

AHT Whitepaper

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"Agent productivity is enhanced by the Sycurio system as it allows them to carry out additional tasks, such as filling in notes and updating records while the member is inputting their details. It has also meant that calls are often shorter because the numbers no longer need to be read out loud before being entered.”

Financial Controller
Caravan and Motorhome Club

See how how much you can save with our AHT calculator

AHT Calculator

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