Intuitive payment CX for CCaaS solutions.

Enhancing secure payment experiences in your cloud contact centre solution

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Sycurio is built to integrate seamlessly with your CCaaS cloud solution – delivering fast, easy and secure payments across all your voice and digital engagement channels.

Both your office based & remote teams can take and process payments wherever they are located without seeing sensitive card holder data, such as credit and debit card numbers and security codes.

As a fully integrated PCI DSS compliant solution for cloud contact centre platforms, Sycurio helps you create a seamless payment CX. At the same time, it protects your brand reputation from insider threats and the risk of payment card data breach.

Managing your PCI DSS compliance becomes a simple and cost effective. Sycurio will provide your PCI Attestation of Compliance (AoC) for all protected phone payments and digital payment transactions.


Sycurio CCaaS integrations at a glance:

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  • Create better call outcomes and customer satisfaction scores (CSAT) by keeping agents in contact with the customer throughout the call or digital transaction
  • Measurably improve your CX and lower your PCI compliance costs
  • Fast and seamless customer payment experiences with dedicated CCaaS connectors
  • Ensure PCI DSS compliant voice and digital payments wherever your agents are located
  • Improve payment security and greatly reduce insider breaches without additional agent training or supervision
  • Easily add new and multiple PCI DSS compliant digital payment channels
  • Protect and enhance payments in your automated AI chatbots, voicebots and IVR channels

Sycurio connects directly to Contact Center as a Solution vendors:

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