PCI compliance for Cisco Cloud Contact Center

Simple, secure phone and digital payments for Cisco cloud contact centres

DTMF masking

Cisco cloud contact centre and Sycurio's payment processing technologies create a solid base to deliver seamless and secure phone payments and digital payment experiences. All sensitive payment card data is processed separately from your business environment, effectively removing your organisation, agents, infrastructure, and systems from the scope of PCI DSS compliance.

Sycurio delivers immediate and significant benefits as a payment security partner for your Cisco cloud contact centre. Our solutions reduce the costs of managing payments and their security. They also enhance your customer satisfaction metrics by reducing call handling times and improving first contact resolution rates. Delivering secure, fast and easy-to-use payment experiences that increase levels of trust with your organisation.

Together with Cisco, we create seamless and secure payment CX for your customers across all your voice and digital engagement channels.

Sycurio solutions are available from Cisco

Sycurio’s Cisco cloud call centre software integration at a glance.

  • Remove your agents, remote staff, networks and Cisco cloud contact centre from the scope of PCI DSS
  • Reduce your compliance costs and information security burdens by blocking all card data from entering your systems and networks
  • Move to self-assessment (SAQ-A) status – we provide you with your annual PCI DSS Attestation of Compliance (AoC) certificate for your protected voice payments
  • Enable your customers and agents to easily make and manage payments using multi-lingual speech recognition and their phone keypad – all by embedding intuitive payment pages inside your Cisco cloud contact centre
  • Reduce errors and deliver improved payment CX by automatically validating details before they are submitted to the payment gateway or payment service provider (PSP)
  • Automatically update customer records after each payment
  • Keep sensitive information and payment card data out of all call-recordings, your network, and contact centre systems
  • Benefit from Sycurio’s patented payment method and DTMF masking to secure payment card data
  • Integrate with any payment gateway or PSP
  • Significantly improve first contact resolution (FCR) and reduces average handling times (AHT) for streamlined payment CX
  • Use with Sycurio digital payment links for IVRs, messaging, live chat, AI voicebots, email, SMS and a wide range of digital engagement use cases
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