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Simple, secure phone and digital payments in Amazon Connect

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Sycurio Voice & Amazon Connect

Sycurio delivers better and more secure payment CX in your Amazon Connect cloud contact centre.

Helping you to serve your customers faster and more efficiently, while building trust and loyalty in every payment interaction. Sycurio. Voice was created for contact centres and sales support teams to deliver exceptional customer service without compromising the security of sensitive payment card data.

Sycurio extends your Amazon Connect implementation with flexible and intuitive payment interfaces that make it easy to transact fluidly, even in the most complex use cases.

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Sycurio.Voice for Amazon Connect.

Sycurio Voice & Amazon Connect Diagram

Sycurio’s solutions enable you to take secure and PCI DSS compliant payments over the phone and through your other contact channels quickly, simply, and cost effectively:

Secure mode ON
  • Payment pages for Amazon Connect users provide an easy way to secure payment transactions
  • Automatic validation of data prior to payment ensures transactions are processed with minimal delay
  • Customer records can be updated when a payment transaction completes

Sycurio’s Amazon Connect integration at a glance.

  • Provide an easy way to make payments secure, inputting card data using your phone keypad
  • Process payments quickly with automatic validation of payment card data before transactions are processed
  • Keep customer payment transaction records automatically updated
  • Protect sensitive payment data by keeping it out of call recordings and never stored in Amazon Connect
  • Trusted and patented market-leading data capture method using DTMF masking
  • Integrate your Amazon Connect system with any payment service provider (PSP)
  • Significantly reduce the cost and burden of maintaining PCI DSS compliance
  • Make measurable improvements in customer satisfaction scores and a reduction in average handling time
  • Use with Sycurio’s digital payment links for SMS, email, messaging and chat applications
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